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Acupuncture & Motor Vehicle Injury Recovery

by Michelle Sauberzweig

At Living Well Acupuncture we often treat musculoskeletal disorders, such as those sustained in motor vehicle injuries.  Acupuncture is not only safe but very effective in treating those involved in accidents. Through Acupuncture, you can quickly reduce the severity and frequency of many symptoms associated with these injuries such as, headaches, neck and back pain, fatigue, limited range of motion, and stress.  Best of all your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance usually always covers the costs of the acupuncture treatments you need to speed your recovery.  It is best to seek treatment immediately following your accident for the best treatment outcome.

How will Acupuncture help my injuries?                                                At Living Well Acupuncture, acupuncture will be used to increase the flow of energy and blood in the body and to release trigger points in the soft tissue, which will help relieve pain and assist your body in recovering from injury.  

Is Acupuncture covered by my personal injury protection (PIP)?
Most of the time, yes, it is covered and no referral is necessary for acupuncture. You are entitled to immediate benefits following your accident, including payment of medical bills regardless of the circumstance or fault for the motor vehicle accident.  Feel free to contact our office and we will contact the insurance companies for you and verify that care is covered.

Do I need to seek treatment for my injuries?
Yes, untreated and/or poorly treated cases of injury can result in lifelong problems and suffering.

Can Acupuncture help me?
Yes, acupuncture is a safe and natural treatment that will assist your body through the healing process by reducing inflammation, and promoting circulation to the injured tissues, decreasing pain and increasing range of motion.

If you have been in an accident, and are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please call (740) 206-8705 to schedule an appointment today.

• Muscle stiffness or achiness
• Restricted range of motion
• Headaches
• Neck Pain
• Mid-Back Pain
• Low Back Pain
• Shoulder Pain
• Hip Pain
• Numbness and Tingling
• Fatigue
• Spasms
• Difficulty Sleeping
• Difficulty Concentrating/Poor memory
• Equilibrium problems, loss of hearing, ringing in the ears
• Eyestrain, blurred vision, increased sensitivity to light
• Unexplained depression, anxiety, and/or irritability
• Nerve pain or inflammation
• Circulatory symptoms such as cold hands or feet