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Battlefield Acupuncture

Battlefield Acupuncture is used as an alternative to pain management, which utilizes ASP needles to decrease pain in the body. Often times they are used as an alternative to corticosteroids and NSAIDS. The ASP needles are placed into specific points in the ear and pain levels are immediately decreased or eliminated. Since this is a natural form of treatment, it is safe for those on multiple medications, long term use and in cases where NSAIDs are contraindicated. This therapy is effective for inflammation, chronic and acute pain, musculoskeletal disorders, injuries, muscle spasms, arthritic and degenerative conditions, phantom pain, neuralgia and intervertebral disc conditions. It is also effective in treating anxiety, PTSD and depression.

      Living Well Acupuncture       Located at InStill Wellness
5031 Forest Dr, Suite A
New Albany, OH 43054