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Infertility                                                                                                                                          In 2006 my wife and I decided to try to have our 2nd child. We hadn't experienced any problems conceiving our daughter several years earlier. After 3 years of trying we knew that there was a problem. Tests in October 2009 revealed that only 2% of my sperm were normally shaped and developed. A second test a month later put that number at 4% which was still very low. The average male has approximately 14% normally shaped sperm. The fertility doctor said there was nothing that could be done to correct my condition and indicated that our best option was to do in vitro fertilization, which we were not prepared to do. I was devastated and began searching for solutions. There were many men out there with the same problem but no viable solutions were ever presented. My wife suggested that I try acupuncture with Michelle Sauberzweig, whom she had seen for acupuncture care previously. I was very skeptical that acupuncture could help my infertility in any way but in March 2010 began an 8 week treatment with Michelle doing acupuncture and daily herbal medicine. She took a real interest in my case and provided me additional research evidence from books and studies that acupuncture is helpful in resolving fertility issues like mine. She was excellent at explaining how the treatments worked and the benefits to me. It really comforted me and gave me a great deal of hope. In June 2010, I went in for a new test and was shocked to learn that my counts had improved to 9% viability. I continued my treatments through the summer and in September we learned we were pregnant. We had conceived naturally and will welcome our new addition in June of 2011. I can't thank her enough for the care she has provided to my family and me over the years. I consider her family and whole heartedly recommend her to everyone. -Matthew & Heidi R.  

Chronic Pain                                                                                                                                                           In order to understand how much Michelle Sauberzweig has helped change my life in the past few months, it is important to know my struggles over the past year. In September and December 2009, I had a tibial tubercle transfer performed on both my knees. The surgeries went well and my recovery was reasonably fast until I hit a major speed bump a few months later. Out of nowhere all of my joints were affected with debilitating pain that rendered me unable to work and barely able to take care of my 1 year old son. I could barely walk down the street without hurting, I struggled to pick up and hold my baby, I couldn't stand or sit without being in discomfort, and I felt like I was falling apart day by day. I went to see a pain specialist who offered me pain pills but I declined because I have a history of stomach problems and I refused to be left dazed and confused when I was taking care of my son. A rheumatologist concluded that she believed I had reactive arthritis which is caused by a virus that will eventually dissipate and she said there was nothing they could do for me. Knowing that I had nothing to lose, I came across Michelle's website. After the first treatment, I knew that I had found the person that was going to help me through my pain because Michelle genuinely listened to my story and was determined to find a solution and help me. With acupuncture twice a week and maintaining the diet Michelle prescribed, it only took 1 month until my pain was completely manageable. It amazed me that the even the best traditional medicine physicians could not provide me with any remedy to lessen my pain and in a matter of 1 month, acupuncture had changed my life and made it possible to live again. After 1 month, I went from the worst health in my life to the best and it was honestly thanks to Michelle and the acupuncture she provided me with. Although I initially needed two visits a week, after 5 months, I am now able to stretch out my visitations to about once every week and a half to two weeks. I recommend Michelle to everyone I meet because I know what she did for me and I only wish that others can receive the same life changing experience that I have. -Madisson L.

Digestive Health                                                                                                                                                       I am currently seeing Michelle for stomach and weight loss issues that she is helping me with through Acupuncture and nutrition. Michelle is wonderful and I am getting better every day. My digestive issues have disappeared and have lost 12 pounds and kept it off for over a year. I highly recommend everyone see Michelle. She has changed my life!!! -Lynn W.

Bell's Palsy                                                                                                                                                                   I was experiencing sharp, stabbing pain on the left side of my neck which radiated to the back of my ear. Within three days the left side of my face was paralyzed. I was diagnosed was Bell’s palsy and prescribed anti-viral and steroid medication. After one week, the left side of my face was still drooping, my eye was continually watering and it was still challenging to eat and drink. There were no improvements. I was informed that Bell’s palsy can take several weeks to 6 months to go away. I had read that acupuncture works well to help speed up the healing and I was willing to try anything. I had four treatments using acupuncture needles and electric stimulation by acupuncturist, Michelle Sauberzweig. Within two weeks I had full function on the left side of my face! My doctor was amazed how quickly I recovered and how well the acupuncture worked. If anyone is suffering from Bell’s palsy, I highly recommend you to try acupuncture! I could not be happier with my results! -Narcene B.

Peripheral Neuropathy                                                                                                      Michelle was very helpful with getting rid of my neuropathy nerve pain that I had in my feet and hands. I had this major pain for 2 years prior to Michelle treating me. I had seen a neurologist, my family doctor and a chiropractor about my nerve pain but they could only relieve my nerve pain just a little bit. Michelle was the only one that significantly decreased my pain. Even though I was a little skeptical about seeing an acupuncturist, I was pleasantly surprised of how much pain relief Michelle gave me with her acupuncture techniques. Prior to Michelle doing acupuncture on me I was at a pain level at between 7 and 10 for two years. Michelle brought my pain level down to 1 to 4. To this date I don’t really understand how acupuncture works but it does work. I highly recommend Michelle for how skilled she is in doing acupuncture. -Pete S.

Labor Induction & Postpartum Care                                                                                             I had the fortune of being referred to Michelle at the end of my pregnancy in 2014. Being past due, I wanted to try a natural induction method before undergoing more invasive measures with my medical providers. Michelle's acupuncture techniques worked like a charm. The treatment was just enough to start labor, gently and effectively. I had a beautiful and healthy 7.7lb baby girl the day after my second session. I went back to Michelle postpartum for some painful hemorrhoids after the birth. Again, the day following my treatment, I no longer needed to take the pain meds I had been prescribed. Michelle has an incredible understanding of the subtleties of Chinese Medicine and how the body works. She also has a gentle touch! I feel fortunate I've found her as an alternative to conventional medicine. - Rita B. 


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