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Acupuncture & Anxiety

by Michelle Sauberzweig

Did you know that 1 in 4 people in the United States experience anxiety or depression? This means approximately 40 million people are affected by these emotional disorders. Unfortunately only 10% of these people seek help and receive proper treatment. There are noteworthy medications for treatment but their possible side effects make many people consider alternative forms of treatment such as acupuncture.

The American lifestyle of “more is better” has been taxing on our mental health. Some of us choose to work hard and play hard until exhaustion. Others tend to continually worry about insignificant details and ultimately the uncontrollable. In addition, with the latest technology, we are constantly inundated with social media and never do we just relax and unwind. This demanding lifestyle and lack of adequate rest causes the mind and body to become overwhelmed and congested which leaves the door wide open for anxiety and/or depression to plague the mind.

Acupuncture can help by creating a deep state of relaxation during the treatment, ultimately healing the mind and the body. Combining acupuncture with Chinese herbs makes this alternative medicine is extremely effective in increasing energy and healing the body from the inside out. The treatments and herbs restore energy balance, creating feelings of rejuvenation and relaxation, leaving those feelings of anxiety and/or depression in the past.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views anxiety and depression not as a brain dysfunction, but more as an inner organ dysfunction. TCM theory holds that certain organs play a role in the emotions. Emotions and the state of organ health are intimately connected. These organs can develop imbalances and dysfunctions due to dietary, environmental, lifestyle, and hereditary factors.

If you are currently experiencing anxiety or depression, Michelle Sauberzweig, L.Ac., would be happy to provide you with a complimentary acupuncture consultation and discuss how you can benefit from Chinese Medicine.  Call Michelle at (740) 206-8705 or email michelle@livingwell-acupuncture.com to schedule your appointment today.