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Stress & Acupuncture

by Michelle Sauberzweig

The holidays are a big part of the fall and winter months. This is often a time to reconnect with family and loved ones, to attend social events, and celebrate your beliefs. -Unfortunately, it can also be a time of extra commitments, nonstop activity, and pressure to get it all done. This can result in a lot of stress, both mental and physical.

Everyone feels stressed occasionally, but when it continues for a long time or gets overwhelming, it can take a real toll on your health. Our bodies are particularly sensitive to the effects of stress, which can cause a weak immune system, weight gain, headaches, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, joint pain and digestive disorders. The good news is that you can take charge of the stress in your life and enjoy this holiday season! Acupuncture works by decreasing inflammation in localized tissues, releasing endorphins and stimulating myofascial release, which leads to muscle relaxation and stress reduction.

If you or someone you are experiencing stress, call our office at (740) 206-8705 and schedule your appointment today! Discover the benefits of acupuncture and begin to de-stress yourself! Gift certificates are also available and make great gifts for those on your list that are hard to shop for.