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Common Questions about Injection Therapy

by Michelle Sauberzweig

What substances are used to inject into the body?
All homeopathic Heel substances are used at Living Well Acupuncture. They include Traumeel, Zeel, Spascupreel, Lyphomyosot, Engystol and Neuralgo-Rheum.

Why are these homeopathic injections used?
Injection therapy is an alternative approach to pain that is indicated for patients with acute and chronic pain & inflammation. Most people use them because they are looking for safe and natural alternatives to treat, not mask their symptoms. Homeopathic injections are a great alternative to corticosteroids and pain medication. In addition, these injections decrease the number of overall acupuncture treatments needed. Delivering a therapeutic substance into the affected area works well with acupuncture. They both work to heal the body from the inside out!

Who is considered a great candidate for Injection Therapy?
• Patients with a history of GI and cardiovascular complaints
• Patients unsuited for corticosteroid therapy
• Patients with chronic conditions requiring safe alternative for long term pain relief
• Patients on multiple medications
• Patients who would like a low-risk medication and alternative to NSAIDs

What conditions are these homeopathic injections suitable for?
The injection solutions are effective for inflammation, chronic and acute pain, musculoskeletal disorders, injuries, muscle spasms, arthritic and degenerative conditions, neuralgia and intervertebral disc conditions.

How long have Heel Injection Solutions been used?
Heel solutions have been used for more than sixty years. They were developed in Europe and are available globally.

Are these injections safe?
Yes, because these solutions are homeopathic, there is nothing for the body’s antibodies to react to. For this reason, there are no reported side effects occurring in the sixty years they have been used.

Are these injections appropriate for patients on multiple medications?

Is there anyone who should avoid injection therapy?
Yes, patients on blood thinners should not utilize injection therapy due to the increase chance of bleeding and bruising.

For more information or to schedule your appointment for injection therapy, contact Michelle Sauberzweig, Licensed Acupuncturist at Living Well Acupuncture at (740) 206-8705 or email at michelle@livingwell-acupuncture.com.